(latest revision January 2015)

MyG21 Ltd hereby informs users who browse the website (hereinafter also known as the "Site") of its cookies policy in order to guarantee safe and effective use in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation (the “E-Privacy Directive”), Directive 2009/136/EC, of the European Parliament and of the Council, Privacy and Electronic Communications-EC Directive (Amendment) Regulations 2011, 1208/2011.
When users visit the site for the first time, a message will be displayed inviting them to consent to cookies being stored on their terminal in order to provide easy access and navigation of the website. During subsequent browsing sessions, users may at any time change the cookie settings, which are described below.

What do we mean by cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by the user send to your terminal (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.) where they are stored for rebroadcast to the same places on the user’s next visit in order to personalize and improve the visit to the website.                                                                                                                              During the navigation of a site, you may receive in your terminal cookies from other websites or different web servers (known as "third party cookies"). This is because on the website being visited there may be elements such as images, maps, sounds or links to specific websites in other domains that reside on servers other than the one housing the requested web page. In other words, these are cookies that are established by a website other than the one you are currently visiting.                   Cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session tracking and storing specific information for users who log on to the server, and are normally present in the browser of each user in very large numbers.                                                                     Some operations cannot be done security without the use of cookies, which in some cases are technically necessary; in fact, the presence of cookies allows the user to be identified securely and maintain that identification during the browsing session, as well as allowing the optimum operation of the site.                                                                     For example, by establishing that MyG21 may use cookies to store user access data, it means the credentials for starting a session do not have to be reset again at various times during navigation, always with the express prior consent of the user. Other cookies help us to understand what you are interested in on our website so we can offer you the services that are most relevant and useful to you during your subsequent visits to the site. We also use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising on our website and the way in which users use the site.                                                          Please be aware that cookies contain basic information on the use of the internet by the user but do not identify you personally.
Some cookies are called "session cookies" and remain in your computer only while your browser is open; they are automatically deleted once you close your browser. Other cookies, known as "persistent cookies", remain on your computer or mobile device after closing the browser. This allows the website to recognise your computer or mobile device when you reopen your browser and is intended to offer the user a navigation system that is as simple as possible.                                                              Please note that the use of the information we collect about you through your use of cookies is subject to our Privacy Policy which is available for viewing via the link at the bottom of the homepage of our website.

What kind of cookies do we use?

The cookies we use for all operations are unique and are a permanent or PERSISTENT type of cookie, i.e. it remains in the user’s terminal until it is cleared.                            This cookie enables our website to store information which modifies the behaviour or appearance of the web page to the preferred language or region of the user. Cookies help us to modify the customizable parts of the website.                                                     We reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy either partly or in full at our discretion. All changes will be effective from their publication in the policy updating section of the website. The use of the site after this Cookie Policy has been modified implies the user’s full acceptance of these changes.

Users’ consent – How to manage your cookie settings

Users have the right at any time to modify their settings by disabling cookies and their operation. Indeed, you can always configure the settings of your internet browser so you receive a warning when you are about to establish a new cookie so you can decide whether to accept or delete a single cookie or delete all of them.                                   Bear in mind that if you decide to delete the MyG21 cookies, access to certain areas and features of our website may be limited or worse, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience.

How can I contact you?

If you need any clarifications, for example on the use of cookies, you should send any such queries to the manager of the personal database at our administrative office: MyG21 Limited, 10 Philpot Lane, LONDON EC3M 8AA, UNITED KINGDOM, Company number 8912213, or by accessing the website or sending an email to [email protected].